University of Southern California


Perinatal Tobacco Product Exposure on the Developing Placenta Epigenome

This study is about investigating electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) use during pregnancy. The study will provide information about the biological effects of different tobacco products (ENDS, combustible cigarettes) on the developing placenta. 

Hormone Eating and Research Study 

Adolescent eating disorders are severe mental health conditions, often marked by loss of control eating. Ovarian hormones play a role in the development and persistence of loss of control eating. The current application will examine how daily exposure to ovarian hormones predict loss of control eating in adolescent girls and identify possible momentary mechanisms linking ovarian hormone exposure and loss of control eating.



Synchrony: Smoking Cessation in Sexual Minority Couples

This study aims to better understand attempts to quit smoking in couples. Cigarette smokers in same-sex partnerships are invited to participate. About 100 couples will take part in this study. Participation involves:

  • Completing questionnaires online
  • Completing interviews via video chat and phone
  • Taking surveys on a smartphone for 5 weeks

Behavioral Effects of Estrogen and Progesterone on Smoking

This study is about investigating smoking in women. This study will help determine better treatment efforts for female smokers wanting to quit! Participation involved providing saliva samples, completing short surveys on a smartphone for 35 days, and using a carbon monoxide (CO) monitor to accurately detect participants’ smoking level.

Major depressIon, DHEA(s), Affect, and Smoking

This study is about understanding the effects of depression on smoking behavior. This study focuses on depression since depression may increase smoking dependence. All cigarette smokers over the age of 21 were invited to participate.